What kind of research do you do?

When we take on a new client or look at new marketing campaigns, there are a host of research tasks we undertake

Understanding you and your business

We want to know about your goals, aspirations and challenges.  What's worked and what hasn't worked in the past.  We need to have full knowledge of your product and the problems it solves for your user.

Your buyer persona

We'll focus heavily on finding out about your buyer persona. What problems they have; what a 'day in the life' looks like; what makes them tick, and what's going to prompt them to search for your product. We'll ask you to put us in touch with a couple of your customers so we can find out directly from the horse's mouth why they bought from you, what alternatives they reviewed, and if they were considering not buying, we want to know the reasons why.

Your competitors

We'll take a look at what marketing they're doing.  We'll learn what they're doing well and not so well.

Keyword research

We'll perform keyword research to find out how your buyers are seeking out solutions. By doing this, we can confidently establish which terms to target for both your SEO content and your paid ads.