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What is involved with your sales funnel offering?

Sales funnels are built to feed good quality leads into your pipeline

We all know that marketing is essential in generating leads, and we're the first to admit this isn't a quick process; it takes time to create the strategy and assets needed for successful campaigns. 

We recognise that businesses need quick wins to increase revenue at a faster pace. This is where sales funnels come in, designed to generate leads that will close quicker.

There are four phases involved:

Plan - strategy is still key; we create a 'blueprint' that maps out the process and the buyer's journey. This includes creating your buyer persona, content (lead magnet, landing page) and the funnel.

Launch - after approval and testing of the funnel it goes live, promoted with paid media. 

Measure - each step of the funnel is analysed to see what is working and what needs optimising to get the best results. 

Optimise - the funnel is consistently tweaked to ensure leads and conversions are at the numbers they need to be, and ad spend is being used effectively. There are good quality inbound leads filling the pipeline and converting into customers.