What is HubSpot, and what can it do?

The HubSpot CRM is a full suite of software used to accelerate business growth

Built upon the principles of the inbound methodology, this industry-leading CRM provides all the tools you need to automate, co-ordinate and track your sales and marketing activities. 


Comprised of four Hubs –– Marketing, Sales, Service and CMS, HubSpot helps you build the ideal buyer's journey to ensure each customer touchpoint is fully aligned with your sales and marketing strategy. 


HubSpot allows businesses to generate qualified leads through effective content management, lead capture and lead nurture. With a host of integrations, this intuitive platform will enable you to align your sales and marketing teams, providing that much-needed transparency between both teams.  


With HubSpot, you can pull up detailed reports and make business-critical decisions based on the accurate data that the software collects and interprets. 


The HubSpot platform enables you to:


  1. Find and convert leads
  2. Manage and nurture leads
  3. Delight customers
  4. Analyse and calculate ROI
  5. Manage your growing team



As HubSpot partners, we'd be happy to guide you through the software's onboarding process and ensure that all the features are set up for your business' requirements. 


You can also use and explore the platform for free and upgrade as you grow. Try it out here