Our organic traffic is growing really well but our conversions aren't. How can you help?

In our experience, the two main causes for this are that the call-to-actions aren't aligned to the buyer's journey, or the website user experience makes it difficult for the user to go to the next stage.

Buyer's journey alignment

In order to convert a visitor to your website, your conversion offer has to match the user intent.  The most common issue that we see is that the call-to-actions on the website are very much bottom of the funnel, or in buyer's journey terms, decision-based, but the visitor is very much at the research or awareness stage.

The fact is that the majority of people on your website at any given time are just browsing or researching to try to solve a problem that they may have; however, most websites only have one call to action: 'Contact Us To Arrange A Demo/Sales Appointment.'

Through our Gameplan process, we identify what it is your visitor is searching for and recommend the content that is more likely to convert.

The Buyer's Journey Explained

User experience

Have you ever been on a website and you just don't know what to do next?  It's a very frustrating experience.

We can use heat mapping, click tracking, and session recording technology to find out exactly what your user is doing on your site and identify the friction that is causing your visitor to leave without taking the conversion action.

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