It's difficult to get in front of our target market. How will you help us do that?

By having a deep understanding of who your buyer persona is, the pain points they have, and their online activity.

The first thing we'll do when you start working with us is to spend lots of time understanding exactly who it is that you're looking to attract to your website.  Once we know who, we'll research their pain points and their online behaviour.  This is done through a mixture of workshopping with your team, interviewing existing clients, and conducting online research such as monitoring the forums and groups where they hang out and looking for audiences that we can target.

Based on this information, we'll know what content is likely to resonate with them and which platforms are best for us to target them on.

We'll run a rapid-fire test to validate our findings and ideas before creating all the assets ready for launch.

If during our research, we agree with you and feel that our usual methods are going to prove difficult to work, we'll be the first to say, and we'll discuss alternatives and point you in the right direction.