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How do you prove ROI?

By getting a deep understanding of a company's goals, targets and investment.

Any marketing activity needs to have a positive return; businesses that are prepared to invest in an agency to help are expecting their investment to be heavily rewarded.

'We get results' is one of our core values.

We’re driven by achieving genuine, measurable results for our clients. When we start working with a company, we delve into what they want to achieve with their marketing activity. What are their revenue targets? Client targets? Where are they now, and where do they need to be? By when? What's the gap? This includes a complete understanding of why this needs to be achieved and what are the consequences to the business if it isn't.

During the strategy stage, the benchmarks are set in terms of what needs to happen for the desired results. For example, how much does traffic need to increase by/how many leads/how many conversions need to be generated. What is the outcome?

When campaigns are launched, we consistently analyse, measure and optimise them to ensure those benchmarks are being met.

Marketing investment needs to be realistic. We suggest 10% of the annual growth goals. So if you're wanting to increase annual revenue by £500,000 but are only prepared to invest £20,000, it isn't going to work. 

We understand it's a carefully considered move to choose an agency, take a look at what one of our clients has to say: Irisys increase organic traffic.