How do you create buyer personas?

We conduct in-depth research

Buyer personas help us, and you, to understand your current and prospective customers better. From there, we can make more confident decisions about the campaigns we design for you and whom we target.

These fictional representations of your ideal customer are generated through market research as well as insights we gather from your existing customer base. For this, we'll need to analyse your contact database to create an overview of the typical traits that make up your buyer personas; we'll also rely on information provided from your sales team about who they frequently interact with.

Our research will allow us to see the patterns and characteristics that make up your customer base so that we can build a clear picture of the best buyer persona prototype.

It can take a little while to finalise all the details about your ideal buyer personas because a lot depends on your customers' availability and willingness to have a candid conversation with us. We rely on you to put us in touch with clients who fit your buyer persona profile so that we can learn what it is that makes them great customers for your business.