Do you work with the sales team and help with alignment?

Yes. Ensuring sales and marketing are working together is important in helping to achieve results.

When we start working with you, we ask that your sales resource is involved from the beginning. We need to make sure the teams are cooperating and not siloed. This ensures that the marketing strategy we create provides the sales team with leads to follow up on. We use the term 'smarketing': sales and marketing working together to achieve the same goals.


Part of the process of working with a sales team is to introduce systems and processes to enable them to sell more efficiently and at a higher velocity, reducing friction in the sales process. We call this sales enablement.


This involves onboarding to HubSpot's CRM tools (they're free!) and potentially the Sales Hub software. We're Platinum HubSpot partners and confident that we can get your sales team up and running with the tools quickly and smoothly.